The attorneys at Southside Law Office have been serving the needs of working people on the southside Milwaukee area for over twenty years. We specialize in the areas of wrongful termination, employment discrimination, as well as unpaid wages and overtime. Additionally, our attorneys have represented clients in a variety of other cases ranging from unemployment to improperly withheld health insurance benefits.

If you have experienced unfair treatment in the workplace, contact Southside Law Office today for a free consultation. Whether you work in labor, retail, healthcare, or the service industry, our attorneys understand the issues you face and are committed to fighting for your rights.


Wrongful Termination

The loss of a job can be catastrophic. So much of our lives depend on our ability to work and make a living. While Wisconsin, like most states, recognizes “at-will-employment,” employees have rights under the law. Don’t count yourself out. If you’ve recently lost your job, contact the attorneys at Southside law office to determine whether you may have a claim for wrongful termination.



Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. If an employer treats employees differently because of their race, ethnicity, sex, or age, they may be guilty of employment discrimination. Discrimination may occur in the form of a termination, a refusal to hire or promote, as well as harassment in the workplace. It may be direct or indirect. Regardless of the form, discrimination in the workplace is illegal. Southside Law Office fights to ensure all employees are treated equally.


Unpaid Wages & Overtime

One of the most common violations of employment law is a failure to pay wages and overtime. These violations (often referred to as “wage and hour” violations) occur not only when an employer refuses to pay employs outright, but also when workplace policies and practices deny employees pay under circumstances in which they have a legal right to be paid. Common “wage and hour violations” relate to overtime, breaks, bonuses, travel time, commissions, hours of work, and “on call” time. Often enough, employees are unaware of their rights.