Stop the Financial Stress

If you are facing bills that you simply no longer have the means to pay, bankruptcy may be a solution to your problems. For many people in the Milwaukee area, a free consultation with the attorneys here at Southside Law Offices put them on the road to regaining control of their finances and their futures.

Constantly being harassed by debt collectors or facing a wage garnishment or a foreclosure on your home is upsetting and emotionally draining. Filing for bankruptcy can put an end to this. Debts such as credit card bills, medical bills, and utility bills will simply be eliminated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you will be able to start fresh. If your home is being foreclosed on or your car repossessed, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will temporarily suspend those actions against you and allow you to create a plan with the experienced attorneys here at Southside Law Offices to catch up on those payments and keep your home and car.

Bankruptcy Protection

You have Rights and are protected under bankruptcy law.

Protection from Creditors –is called the “automatic stay

Once a debtor files a petition for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, a protective restraining order is sent to all creditors and a stay of all debt collections and financial legal proceedings goes into effect. This “automatic stay” is a legal injunction which prevents creditors from pursuing collection on debts, including harassing phone calls and letters. If a creditor intentionally violates the automatic stay, they are subject to penalties that include contempt of court and money damages.

Can My Credit be Restored After Filing Bankruptcy?

In many cases, people who need to file bankruptcy already have an imperfect credit score. Your credit report most likely already contains reports of late payments and shows money owed to creditors. A bankruptcy will change that to reflect zero balances on most of those accounts that currently list late payments. This will improve your credit score. The bankruptcy itself will also be reported and remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, but most of our clients have a much better credit score within two years of filing for bankruptcy.

Do you Know Your Credit Score? 

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